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Graduate Course in Living Environment Science

Former Graduate School Applications No Longer Being Accepted.

Graduate Course in Living Environment Science (Master's Degree Course)

  • 1.This program is designed to help students comprehensively understand the clothing and housing environment in our lives by looking into both human and material related aspects, and carries out education and research that helps students understand the functionality of materials that compose living environments from the standpoints of macromolecular chemistry and surface chemistry.
  • 2.The program pursues a comfortable environment from a practical viewpoint using environmental science methods, and raises multifaceted and comprehensive awareness of living environment maintenance and management methods through physical, chemical, and material aspects.
  • 3.Students engage in the design of goods suitable for modern life in our aging society, and conduct research from a design studies perspective to pursuit psychologically comfortable living that cannot be realized only through physical functions.
  • 4.To design a safe, comfortable, and healthy living environment, students will grasp the diverse lifestyle values from their psychological, biological, and physical aspects. The program in particular focuses on basic living space planning.
Admissions Policy

We are seeking individuals who are academically ambitious, have a strong awareness of problems pertaining to human living environments, have had the basic and comprehensive education necessary to study living environment (in particular clothing and housing), and also possess the specialized knowledge and skills needed for research on living environment planning and living materials. Also, we also welcome students with a clear vision of how they will put to use the things they will have learned at graduate school in the future.

Acquirable Qualifications

Master's degrees are granted at the completion of the Human Environment of Sciences Master's Course. Also, individuals who have earned a set amount of credits can acquire the following educational personnel certifications.

Major Type of Certificate Subject
Master's Degree Course in Living Environment Science Junior High School Specialized Teacher's Certificate High School Specialized Teacher's Certificate Home Economics

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