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Outline of the International College of Arts and Sciences

     At the International College of Arts and Sciences, educational research takes place in an integrated way from the perspective of international coexistence to cope with a variety of problems that modern globalizing society faces. In order to provide solutions to these problems, the three disciplines of humanities, sociology and natural sciences were put together into one broad academic field of study.

     The three departments "Department of International Liberal Arts", "Department of Environmental Science" and "Department of Food and Health Sciences" were established in order to understand global society and comprehend and solve problems related to food and health as well as environmental problems from the level of our daily lives right up to the global level. We are aiming at educating people so as to give them a sound judgment and ample knowledge to face flexibly the changes of times or society, to give them flexible adaptability, and from an Asian or global perspective enable them to contribute to making an even better society, not only here in Japan but also in overseas countries or areas.

International College of Arts and Sciences
Department of International Liberal Arts
Department of Environmental Science
Department of Food and Health Sciences
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