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To develop your career and make the best of what you have learned at university

     At Fukuoka Women’s University, we offer comprehensive support services to help students find employment.

Job Search Support Services
Career Reference Room
     Our Career Reference Room is open for students to access our company data files, which contain recruitment information, along with our other career-related files.
Employment Introductory Courses
     We offer fifteen employment introductory courses annually (conducted twenty times in total) from April for our third-year students. Courses start by detailing the flow of the job-hunting schedule, followed by self-analysis seminars, essay writing tutorials, Internet skills for future employment classes, employment aptitude tests, civil service practice exams, and ending with business etiquette classes and job interviews simulations. There are many courses open for first and second year students, and participation from junior grade students is encouraged.
Internship Programs
     An internship is a program where students can gain firsthand work experience while studying at university by working for a company or a public office related to their own university major or future career. It is an excellent opportunity for students to know their aptitude by experiencing a business setting ahead of time. Our university runs internship programs during summer for third-year students and during spring for second-year students.
Career Counseling Services
     We offer employment (career) counseling on an “as-needed” basis at the Student Support Division located in the Department of Academic Affairs. We offer advice to students, who can drop by anytime to ask questions about employment or their future career paths.
Distribution of an Employment Guidebook
     We distribute our own employment guidebook for third-year students. The guidebook contains our employment analyses, job-hunting anecdotes, and a list of companies that past graduates have been employed at. Commercially sold supplementary reading material is also distributed.

Our Career Support System Overview

     Our university, generally speaking, has an extremely high employment rate, which we believe signifies our past accomplishments of producing quality graduates, and that we have been implementing an education system which fosters excellent human resources. However, not becoming complacent with our achievements, we have been holding various employment introductory courses since few years ago, helping students find their way in their careers. In addition, we have been running a Career Support Center since 2007, where students can reflect on their views in life, cultivate a mind ready for employment, and develop their basic communication skills (i.e., English, IT skills, self-expression skills, etc.). The center also arranges various employment introductory courses.

Fukuoka Women’s University provides career support services that truly aim(s) to build one’s character.

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