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Graduate Course in Environmental Science

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Graduate Course in Environmental Science (Master’s Degree Course)

This course aims to shed light on living things and their internal and external environment at the level of molecular, cellular, solid organic body, and natural environment, and provide education and research that integrates this with the individual fields of biological sciences and physical sciences.

  • 1.At the molecular level, research is conducted into state analysis of biological materials and structural analysis of complex molecules as well as the structure and physicality of oriented molecule aggregates acting as biomembrane model. Also, research is conducted into the physicality and reactivity of organic compounds related to the environment.
  • 2.From the cellular to the solid body levels, the principal areas of research are: research into the mechanisms by which living things adapt to their environmental conditions (light, heat, etc.) via molecular biological methods; research into information processing mechanisms in nervous systems and the structural mechanisms of their neural networks as well as comparative neurobiological research that aims to understand the phyletic evolution of the nervous systems; and research into the cell differentiation brought on by the cellular environment and morphogenetic mechanism during the developmental processes of solid organic bodies. Also, research is conducted into the effect of environmentally-related organic compounds on organic tissues.
  • 3.From the solid organic body to the natural environment levels, attention is focused on the functions and dynamics of organic substances as life maintenance mechanisms that evolved in reaction to changes in the natural environment to conduct research into the cellular, individual organic body, and individual organic body grouping levels, respectively, in order to elucidate their shared and individually unique problems.
Admissions Policy

We are seeking individuals who possess basic knowledge of the natural sciences and a strong desire to study in order to conduct high-level research and education pertaining to living things and their environment from the standpoints of biological sciences and physical sciences.

Acquirable Qualifications

Master’s degrees are granted at the completion of the Human Environmental of Sciences Master’s Course. Also, individuals who have earned a set amount of credits can acquire the following educational personnel certifications.

Major Type of Certificate Subject
Master’s Degree Course in Environmental Science Junior High School Specialized Teacher's Certificate High School Specialized Teacher's Certificate Science

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