Undergraduate and Graduate

Master’s Program for Social Sciences

     This program consists of 2 courses: the Division of International Industrial Sciences, and the Division of International Relations. Its goal is to foster top-level graduate specialists who can elucidate a broad and various range of phenomena in the international society from the viewpoint of economic or political activities and apply their insight in the real world.

Division of International Industrial Sciences

     The economy and social issues in Japan in relation with Asia, America and Europe are becoming important educational research topics. In this division, educational research is to be developed aiming at understanding and interpreting based on theory, analysis and proof the various phenomena which are produced by the global economy or society and by the corporations as their instrument. The aim of this program is to nurture either female graduates who will take part in industrial society or human resources who will play an active role in research and/or educational institutions with highly specialized knowledge obtained through our courses.

Division of International Relations

     As the international society increases the complexity of political, sociological and cultural aspects, what is becoming more and more important is analysis of the miscellaneous problems in our current society as well as the search for theories to explain these phenomena. Related to such problems, in this division, a philosophical understanding of the concept of values or thoughts that comprise political views are to be prompted while integrating specialized knowledge in law, political science, international cooperation and sociology etc. Through the subjects in this program, our aim is to nurture top-level graduates who can play an important role in various fields of a globalizing society, or specially qualified human resources who can play an active role in research and/or educational institutions.

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