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Initiative for Increasing Graduate Students

Let's start as future "Nadeshiko" researchers

Fukuoka Women's University has launched an initiative for supporting our students to take up graduate school for the purpose of increasing the number of female researchers (nurturing of next generations) as part of our support for female researchers.
We invite you to take your first step as a "Nadeshiko" researcher in the graduate school of Fukuoka Women's University.

# "Nadeshiko" is dianthus in Japanese and its flower is depicted in the symbol of Fukuoka Women's University.

▼Interview on Fukuoka Women's University students about their research life
"My Research Life: The Stories of Fukuoka Women's University Students" * To Japanese page

We present a series of interviews on graduate students who are working on their research in Fukuoka Women's University
They tell us their research themes, background that moved them to advance to a graduate school and how they enjoy their life including their private time.

▼We hold seminars for promoting advancement to graduate schools * To Japanese page


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