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Research Assistant System for Female Researchers

We launched the “research assistant system for female researchers” in 2014 as an initiative for achieving the goal of Support Office of Female Researchers, namely, “nurturing female leaders in education, research and university management” and “increasing the number of female researchers (nurturing of next generations).” 

In this system, as research assisntats, our undergraduate/graduate students and graduates provide support to female researchers who are pregnant, child-rearing or caring, as well as male researchers of our university who have female researchers as their partners. The support provided is wide-ranged; assistance for experiments, investigation, collecting documents, translation, and so on.

This system is designed to enable such female researchers to balance their career with child-rearing or caring by supporting them to conduct their research activity efficiently, spending less time for their work. Also, the system provides the research assisntants of those researchers with opportunities to closely observe their activity, helping them to have further interest or understanding on research.

We accept applications for using this system whenever researchers need support. The research assistants are registered in advance (and updated annually) and selected depending on the needs of the applicants.

The guidelines of this system and application form (childcare / familycare) can be downloaded from the link below.

Schematic of Research Assistant System for Female Researchers


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