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2015 marks the third year of "Program to supporting research activities of female researchers of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT)." Since 2014, we have engaged in additional initiatives such as holding seminars for raising external funds, publication of brochures featuring role models and interviews on graduate students.
The publication of role model books provides career education to the students who interview senior female researchers as interview assistants and thereby learn from the career paths.
We implement seminars for promoting advancement to graduate school in 2015 as new graduate school of our university are set up . We hope these initiatives also benefit males from the standpoint of work-life balance.


The Support Office for Female Researchers of Fukuoka Women's University provides consultations on the following topics. Feel free to contact us.

▼For faculty members
  • [Work-life balance]

    • Research assistant system
    • Temporary childcare service
  • [Career development]

    • Short-term overseas Training
    • Raising external research funds (seminars)
  • [Network (information exchange)]

    • Network for female researchers
    • Network for young researchers
▼For undergraduate / graduate students
  • [Support for female researchers]

    • Registration as research assistants
  • [Academic career path]

    • Advancement to graduate schools
      (exchange with graduate students)

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