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Temporary Childcare Service

The Support Office for Female Researchers of Fukuoka Women's University provides temporary childcare to researchers (teaching staff and academic researchers) in Fukuoka Women's University whose children cannot be cared at home or the nursing facility normally used due to the work duties on weekend or national holiday.

The childcare is securely provided by certified childcare workers or kindergarten teachers registered at external organizations or by those who have finished a babysitter training course.

Advance registration is required to use the temporary childcare service. Please submit an application in advance if you expect to use the temporary childcare service.

Terms of Use
(1)The service is provided to female researchers of our university or male researchers whose spouses are such researchers(or of other institutions).
(2)Temporary childcare is provided on the day (Saturday, Sunday, national holiday) considered necessary by the Support Office for Female Researchers, about 10 days in total per year.
(3)The planned service dates will be notified on the website of the Support Office for Female Researchers, etc. in about 1 month in advance. If desiring to apply for the service on other dates than the planned dates due to a university event or research activity, feel free to contact the Support Office for Female Researchers.

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