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Message from the President

Welcome to the newly established International College of Arts and Sciences at Fukuoka Women’s University.

      The International College of Arts and Sciences at Fukuoka Women’s University (FWU) forms the new educational structure of FWU with its 3 departments: International Liberal Arts, Environmental Science and Food and Health Sciences. In this new framework, we place “International Vision and Sensibility”, “Leadership” and “Inventiveness and Creativity” as our central educational principles. In addition, the link between universities and the local communities is very important, even more so in case of Fukuoka Women’s University because we are a public university. The link with the local area and community in order to significantly support our foreign students in particular, is indispensable for the globalization of FWU.

      The aims of the educational activities of FWU are as follows: “The nurturing of people that have leadership and can act globally” as well as “To contribute to the academics of our community and society, culture and everyday life”. Education at FWU not only thoroughly takes place inside the classroom or on campus but also beyond these borders. All first year students are required to live at our dormitory in order to experience and learn that everyday life of a student itself is part of their education and training. Japanese students are living together with foreign students in the dorm and so we want students to understand their international differences and to learn the qualities required to act internationally. These kind of actions are anticipated in and out of Japan and a bright future awaits us when these students who will have learned an international sense and balance, will lead Japan in the 21st Century as powerful youth.

      FWU -located in one of Asia’s most attractive cities, namely Fukuoka- has accumulated a history of personal and academic exchange with universities in Asia and around the rest of the globe. Just to give one example, in our WJC (The World of Japanese Culture) program, which was established in order to commemorate the foundation of the new International College of Arts and Sciences, short term foreign students can take lessons on Japanese contemporary culture, mainly centered around Pop Culture, which has been receiving increasing attention among youngsters abroad. Moreover, FWU is developing dynamic international exchange activities as a foundation through societal and international cooperation such as academic and student exchanges with top universities around the world.

      FWU was originally established in 1923 (Taisho year 12) as Fukuoka Prefectural College for Women and it was the first public women’s college in Japan. Today it still upholds this tradition of bright women’s higher education. FWU produced many graduates who played an active part domestically or abroad and it has contributed largely to the higher education of women in Japan. FWU links the education of “International Liberal arts・Leadership・Creativity” to its strong foundation of splendid higher education for women and our faculty staff are working hard as a team to train people that can play an active part at the global frontlines.

      Please have a look at our website or come and visit our campus so you can witness how FWU is making a giant leap to internationalization.

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