Expanding Your Horizons Program

About Expanding Your Horizons Program

"Expanding Your Horizons" originally reffered to to experience and learn new things and to increase the range of things that you know about or have experienced.
The purpose of the Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) program at Fukuoka Women's University is to develop students’ potentials and skills to be able to contribute the global and local societies through a lot of learning experiences acquired in the various programs such as language courses and internship programs in other countries.

Three Courses in EYH

EYH peogram provides three courses students can have various experiences.

Course Duration Location Season

Service learning
4-7 Weeks USA
Summer, Winter
Internship Abroad 4-8Weeks Thailand
Summer, Fall, Winter
Internship in Japan 4-8 weeks Fukuoka
Summer, Fall, Winter

Cource Outlines

ESL + Service Learning

This course encourage students to join a program combining English as Second Language (ESL) courses and service learning program such as volunteering at some facilities for an eldery people, people in difficulties or local schools. This program provides further communication skills and deep learning on the current society through the various activities.

Internship Abroad

In the Internship Abroad course, students will have chance to work in various companies in other countries communicating with a mentor and colleagues using English.
This course is recommended to students who have joined ESL + Service Learning course, other language courses abroad or exchange students program or have acquired relatively high English skills.

Internship in Japan

In the Internship in Japan course, local companies, NPOs for community development and local governments accept students as interns for one to two months.
Through the working as interns, they can learn the way of working and how to work with colleagues from the different backgrounds. The expeiences working in a different environment will increase motivation to learn more and make a plan for their future after coming back to the campus.

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